What is 'Zero Waste' living?


The term 'Zero Waste' refers to the aspiration to live everyday life without throwing away any rubbish that cannot be continually recycled or organically composted. It means different things to different people, but refers to a movement aimed at transitioning to a low impact and sustainable lifestyle.  I have been practicing this lifestyle for two years now, and have found it life changing and thoroughly rewarding! 

A number of individuals now practice 'Zero Waste' and write about their experiences around the web, below are links to the ones who have influenced me

  • Bea Johnson, a smart and resourceful French-American lady who developed and pioneered the concept of 'Zero Waste' living: Zero Waste Home
  • Lauren Singer, the hip young face of the movement living in New York City: Trash is for Tossers
  • and Zero Waste Chef (Anne Marie), a home cook who refuses to allow 'Zero Waste' to hold her back in the kitchen - preparing and storing all her food and ingredients without falling back on disposables or plastic: Zero Waste Chef


With these blogs, plenty of testing and experimenting, and a few methods that your Grandma would be farmiliar with, I have gradually transitioned to a totally Zero Waste lifestyle during the last two years, and am now enjoying the benefits of a more minimal and considered approach to modern life.